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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Almost Home...

This is so weird to write but I am actually coming home this week! AHHHH! The next time you hear from me it will probably be in person and not some words on a page.
This month has been an amazing experience and I cannot believe I was able to travel as much as I have and I am sure I will face the wrath of my credit card bills when I get back but it was well worth it!!! I know I have not written anything about my trips (south of France, Berlin, Malaga) but they were all brilliant in different ways. I was so happy to be able to see my friends and say bye before I leave. Some were too brief, some were tearful but I guess it does not actually feel like I will never see them again but maybe it has not hit me yet. I thought I would be sad leaving but I really feel quite happy! There has been too much drama in the flat these last couple months and I am glad to finally be rid of it.
I am sitting here in a french restuarant in London eating from a cheese plate drinking a my life has changed since moving here. Next week it will be bad Tim Hortons coffee and a doughnut haha.
I will see you soon!
Love Lyndsay

Monday, August 13, 2007

Beginning of the End

It is coming to the end of summer … (even though in England it has only been summer for about a week) and some tough choices are to be made. I have decided to go home either the third or final week of September. I have decided this for two reasons. #1 – I miss everyone and #2 - I cannot get a full time job here until I get my citizenship and these part time gigs are too few and far between.

This experience has been amazing and I have met people and done things I would never have done back home. Home now seems like somewhere I want to be (for now) and I think you need to go out in the world to really appreciate what you have. This next month will be so amazing and I cannot wait though I might be really sad to say goodbye to everyone I truly believe I will see them again.

I will be going to the South of France (I know!) next week and I can hardly believe it. I will be flying into Toulouse, staying at a friend’s then we are caravanning to Cannes for the music festival. I am so happy my friend Jenna from back home will be there because we are with all French people and while they are very nice to translate I am sure I will like an Canadian person to talk to! We will be camping for four days (not a big fan of camping so we will see how this works out) but my friend Jean Phillip rented a hotel for himself (party pooper) so I hope to be able to shower there. No idea what the washroom situation will be like and quite frankly I am a little nervous about that but I am sure it will be fine. Fingers crossed. Then Jean Phillip will be nice enough to drive Jenna and I to Nice on the 20th. Jenna will stay with me a night before she heads off to Paris. It will be nice to have company in Nice (stupid pun) because my Mom does not arrive with Aunt Beth, Aunt Carol and Alyse until the 21st. I cannot believe I will meet them there, it is so random but still brilliant. On the 23rd I will head back home (to London that is) and put my room up for rent. I hope I get some decent people although not too good cause I don’t want them to forget about me! Haha…so selfish.

Now these plans are not set yet but I need to go see Ang and Kay, my old flatmates, in Malaga (Spain) and also my friend Jesse in Germany so it will be a little tight. I really want to go to go to Munich with Jesse and Svea (his girlfriend) for Oktoberfest – which is ironically done in September. Unfortunately it may be a money thing and may have to postpone it to another year.

All this planning has become a little overwhelming but it will be worth it in the end because I will know I did loads before I went home.

Monday, August 06, 2007

It has been so long!

Hey everyone!

I am seriously the most lazy person lately and I have put off so many things that I should get sorted and this blog is one of them. Don't worry i have not forgotten you...I miss you all so much I am thinking I want to go home in about a month. My Visa will be up shortly and I don't think my Irish Citizenship is ready to be sent out yet so you might be seeing me quite soon!
I love all of your suggestions as to what I should do next and I will think about all of it but I also think I need to go home first and re-group. Maybe save some money ... haha.
I have so much going on right now that if I start typing about it now my battery will die(stupid me remembered my charger to bring to the internet cafe but not the Canadian/UK adapter - typical) I will write a longer blog tonight which will reveal much more detail as to what has gone on this past month. I want to say Happy Birthday to my mother whom I love and miss and will see in just a few weeks in Nice!

Talk to you soon. Love you.

Rome - This blog is a month old

When in Rome…

I’m back from another one of my mini-trips, this time it was the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. Some days I just feel really lucky to be having these experiences and I forget that I will be going home soon. Some days I am really happy to be going home because I miss you all so much. It was my birthday last Friday and I turned the big 2-6! I finished work last Saturday and so I have had a week off and decided I will meet my friends on the last stop of their traveling. Rome was perfect. It had been raining here in London for almost a whole week straight so it was getting pretty depressing and I needed some sun (this being summer and all). It was sooo nice out while we went site seeing and I was so grateful to be out in the sun finally. We only had two days there so we made the most of it which meant endless walking and exploring. First night there we went on a pub crawl consisting of 3 bars and one club. At first the night seemed kinda lame because there were a lot of teenage tourists but by the end of the night we met some really cool people and I had a great time. The second night I was so tired from a full day of walking but we went out for my birthday anyways and by 12 or so I was falling asleep at the bar haha (already an old lady).

My friend Dan and I went back to London and then to Oxford to see the comedian and writer Ricky Gervais. It was amazingly funny and such a great birthday present (thanks dan!)

Saturday was the big night out where I invited some friends and my flat-mates to go dancing at this club called The Roxy. I had a great time and was very happy to be dancing and going crazy with my friends. Sunday Ann, Dan and I went to go to Trafalger Square for Canada Day because we thought there would be this big festival. Once we got there though there was nothing happening so we ask the guy working and he said they had the festival on Friday. WHAT! How could they change the day?? Anyways I guess it had to do with the upcoming Tour de France (those French!) Anyways Dan and I were going to go to the Maple Leaf (the only Canadian pub in England) but of course it was packed and had a line so we abandoned that idea and our efforts for Canada Day were over. I took Dan to Brick Lane for Indian food instead for his last night in England.

I have not been on the blog site for over a month so I will thank everyone for their birthday wishes and so sorry I am late with this blog. This is the first time I have been on my own computer in a loooonnngggg time. I found this cafe where it is free internet and all you have to do is buy a coffee not all free. I will write a new post right now!

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Flatmates

Hey everyone. I hope my Paris Blog was not too long and if you read it all thank you for sticking with it. There have been so many things that have happened in my life since I last updated. My two flatmates (and good friends) Kay and ANg have decided to move to Spain and leave me here (tear). I was meant to go with them but I cannot legally work in Spain but I promised to visit them later in the summer. With them leaving it means I have to pick new people for the flat and that was hard! It is like picking your next mates in some weird game show where you both judge eachother trying to see if there is a hint of psycho killer laying dormant in their personalities waiting to strike when least expected. So far I have a girl from Paris living in my room named Anne who so far seems really cool and I get on with her quite a bit already. Tonight we had tons of people come in for Ang’s room because it is a single and most people want their own room (who knew??). It was a hard choice but we went for this Aussie girl named Cassie and I hope she will be a good fit. The boys did not meet her yet so I had to make the decision – I hope I made the right one. I quit my job but I have no actual finish date since I said I would stay until she found a replacement. I have no idea what to do after but I feel my time there has come to an end. I might think about doing temp stuff in events or hotel work so I can still travel this summer. If any of you want to offer any suggests that would be great as I could use all the help I can get. In fact if anyone has time in their lives to stop and maybe plan out my future for me that would be great! Yeah didn’t think so.
I know I am not connecting to most of you lately but I love you and am always thinking of you. Peace.

Paris 4.0

Bonjour mes amis! Just got back from Gay Paris once again (this is my 4th time going hence my clever blog title which I stole from the new Die Hard Movie). This trip was wet and cold just like last time. I do not know how these Parisian woman remain so beautiful when I am walking around the city looking like a wet dog. Met up with Andrea who came into the city the day before but firstly I have to tell you folks about my amazing (cough cough) 10 hour bus ride from London to Paris. Why take the bus you crazy person one might ask! Well there, as expected, is no real sane reason. Just to save a few pounds I guess but still no sensible person would think that spending that amount of time on a bus is ever worth it. I would agree…but it still has not beaten my record of 13 hours from Berlin to Paris on my birthday that bus ride was epic. Anyways I get on this overnight bus at 8:30 on Saturday night and the bus was filling up quite fast so I was stoked to find that no one had yet to fill the seat next to me. Yet in true ‘Lyndsay Luck’ form in the last minutes before departing there was a straggler! Right beside me! How dare he take the seat that I designated for my head to rest on! Well on the bright side he did not smell or want to talk the entire trip (no one likes small talk on a bus where there is no escape). He did however take up more than his share of the little room we had to share. In my brilliant pre- thinking however I had brought my pillow which I thought would be helpful in trying to sleep comfortably but the seats were so close together I could not get a good angle so I ended up uncomfortable anyways. There was no room to even cross my legs so sleeping was a luxury I would not be experiencing that night.
So after a bit of a ride we end up on this huge ferry and we were allowed to wonder about even though nothing was all that interesting to see. I did get a mocha and a chocolate muffin at 3 in the morning (regretting that move). So I call my parents and my dad was not impressed with the mode of transpiration and me explaining that it was all an adventure did not seem to ease his mind.

So finally making it into Paris at 5:30 in the morning I made my way in the rain to my hotel. I was shocked to see the streets were not as deserted as one might think they would be at that time on a Sunday morning at 6 am. Maybe they were still up from the night before. Maybe early church goers…I was too tired to assess the situation so I chose not to think about it. I did not have the mental capacity to analyze.

I got a few hours sleep (first time all night) before Andreaa wanted to head out. She told me the story of how it took her 5 HOURS to find our hotel! Poor girl. It was raining all day and we did what we could considering Andrea’s feet were in no condition to be doing anymore walking. For those who do not know us Me + Andrea usually equals a verbal disagreement or two (ahem) and this was no exception. We had it out in front of Notre Dame which led me to not want to talk to her. But we made it to the hotel for a little nap and everything was good after that. We went to the Latin Quarter for dinner (or as Andrea says Latin Town) and had a really good meal, a delicious crepe and then a cool night listening to a band play. All in all a really cool night. Bien.

So I left the hotel and went to wander the streets of Paris since my plane did not leave until 10 (yes I took a plane back!). Had a brilliant lunch and was sitting outside – it turned out to be a really nice day (sorry Ang). Sun was shinning and everyone seemed very happy. I suddenly became desperate for a toilet and the café said it had a loo but really it was just a hole in the ground and I was not having that. The waiter was trying to make conversation with me and I was doing my very best to speak French but after a few attempts and him laughing at me I resorted back to English.

Finally found a toilet – sorry for being vulgar but that is what we call it in Europe! Not to sound perverse but man am I glad I waited! I got into Luxemburg gardens and headed straight for the washrooms. It was 40 cents but it was money well spent I tell you! Usually when you pay to use the toilets in Paris you get some dinging, disgusting hole but this was heaven people. There was no line, the paper roll and paper towels were all fully stocked and there a friendly lady there to maintain the cleanliness. Ok enough about toilets haha. Unless of course you are interested and then I can give a full account in an email or something.

I know I have said this before in past blog postings about loving Luxemberg Gardens but I have to tell you this. I went into the grounds a different way (thank you again toilets) and discovered a whole new area I had not seen before. I love it when that happens! Just when you think you know a place (or person) something happens that takes you completely by surprise. I know I am philosophizing but hey I AM in Paris after all. It turned out to be such an amazing day, sitting and relaxing on a chair admiring the view. Nothing better folks. Nothing Better.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hey everyone,

Well I promised more blog entries and I really wanted to post more but the small connection I had in my bedroom has completely disappeared and I cannot seem to get a connection in the boys’ room anymore. This has left me very frustrated and annoyed because I have pictures and blogs to post and I also have lost touch with all things online. You really do not think about how dependent we are on internet until it is gone. I was going to check the weather for my sister and Alyse so I can tell them what to wear but …nope cannot do it! I wanted to send an email to my friend for his birthday…can’t do that either. I can’t even watch any of the shows I miss so I am made to watch the snooker championship because the boys have taken over the t.v. Oh internet why have you forsaken me!!! (so dramatic)

Andrea and Alyse are coming in a few days and I hope they have a good time and the weather clears up. It is a bank holiday this weekend and of course true to London weather whenever there is a long weekend the weather is completely crap. The girls want to go to Dublin and Andrea wants to go to Paris but I am not sure I will be able to do both which is a shame.

Well I finally did it. I told my boss I will stick around for a few more weeks (well almost a month really) so I really have to find another job! Unfortunately I cannot join Kay and Ang in Spain because I completely forgot that my Visa is only good in the U.K. I guess I can find out if I can get a temporary working visa because I really want to leave London for a bit. Also it looks like I will be coming home in September! My visa runs out soon and although it is a long way away yet I feel like it will go by really quickly. I have some hard choices to make about my future and we all know how great I am about making hard choices (ahem ahem). I am going to be 26 really soon (sooner than I would like) and I think that being on the older side of 25 will really affect me and drive me to do something finally in terms of a career. One question I pose to myself : Do I really want to go back into the film business making hardly any money and working crazy hours again??

Before I came to London I had a set plan in my life and except for a few bumps along the way it was going ok. Since coming here though I met new people, had new experiences found myself and lost myself a hundred times over and now I feel I am spun around and upside down. Gotta love being 20 something!

Despite everything I think this summer will be a turning point in my life and no matter what happens I know it will be great!

Andrea and Alyse arrived safe and sound and are loving London even though the weather has been crap. What is it with everyone from Canada bringing bad weather with them? jk! They are booking their flight to Dublin as I type this. This connection is costing me a fortune so I will bid you adieu!

Love ya!

Barcelona Baby

Barcelona Barcelona! We had such a good time there just walking around and discovering all the little side streets (and there are many!). There is the main street called Las Rambas where all the freaks in the city come and perform in front of the tourists. It was madness the different characters these people came up with and I wish I brought my video camera but I was scared it would get knicked (I heard Barcelona is the prime spot for criminals to steal from tourists). Anyways I went with the flat-mates Ang and Kay so they took pictures of us so I will try to post them a bit later. I tried to get them to take photos of the crazy people but they were not into it as much. We went to the main market there every day and the food there was soooo good and fresh and if you din’t mind the full feather-less chickens or the pig and cow’s heads staring at you (oh yes they still had there eyes in the skull) it was cool to look around. It is so strange to see what differences there are in cultures and feelings on food. In North America we eat meat but we do not want it to look like the animal it once was but over in the European countries it would be seen as non-fresh if it wasn’t all out there to see. I have some pics of funny dead animals (I know I am morbid).

So the weather was more kind then we predicted so we did get to lay out on the beach though it was still to cold to swim. A little disappointed but it was supposed to rain the whole time so I guess beggars can’t be choosers! Kay and I have been talking about possibly moving down there for a few months to live and work and soak up more of the culture. It would be hard because we don’t know the language but we noticed there were a few places that were all tourist areas (or tourists traps – however you want to look at it) where everyone was speaking English. Any way I think my time in London might come to an end soon. I might go to another country or I might come home. NO IDEA- big surprise!

So the last day we were soo tired and went to lie on the beach one more time (fully clothed mind you - hard core I know) but it was so windy and cold we had to leave. We walked around for ages looking for a place to eat. It was around 4:30 and every where was closing for siesta time – yes, they take a break in the middle of the day – so cool. We finally went to this small place where only one woman was working and we all ordered crepes but little did we know it would take an hour for our food! We were getting a little nervous because we had to catch our plane and haven’t gone back to get our stuff yet. It was a good thing it was the best food we had there by far otherwise we would have been a little angry. Finally we get all the way back to the apartment grab our stuff and try to hail a taxi. No luck for the longest time and we were getting a bit nervous. We kept seeing the taxis but they were all occupied - this being rush hour. Miracously I saw a taxi in the distance and ran like the wind -luggage in tow. He said he was waiting for a customer but maybe we was enchanted by our beauty (haha) and decided to take us instead. We finally got into London at 3:30 in the morning without any sleep the night before and we all had work in the morning. Well we all somehow made it through Saturday and had the best sleep ever that night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Barcelona, Barcelona

Hey all!

I cannot believe the last time I wrote was Easter...craziness. Well I am on a really dodgy computer in Barcelona so it is really hard to type so if some words are missing letters I am sorry! So I made it to Barcelona safe and sound despite getting nop sleep the night before my flight. My friend Jesse and his girlfriend Svea came to visit me last weekend and my flight was at 8 am on Tuesday so I decided it was better to just stay up the whole night. This caused a bit of a problem the day we arrived because we all took a siesta asround 7 pm and did not wake up till 9 the next morning. Since we missed one night in Barcelona we will have to make it up these next few nights. Oh man I am so happy I came because just lying on the beach has made the world of difference in my happiness. I have been feeling a bit home since feeling like I am missing out but being here makes me realize how lucky I am. I have to say this city by far has had the most forward men out of all the places I have been so far. I guess it is all the women in bikini´s driving them to hollar out obscenities. Also I forgot that the beaches are good for women who feel too restricted by their tops (don´t worry I am prefectly comfy in my top).

Well I thought I would give an update to where I was but this computer is driving me mental and Ang and Kay are waiting for me so I will say good bye and give a bigger update when I get back!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hello All!

Well some of you may have doubted me but I am here to tell you I have done it! I have (finally) booked a trip to Barcelona baby yeah! SO yeah Ang, Kay and I are taking a girls trip out to the sandy beaches of Catalonia and it is coming at a great time. I definitely need to get away and Ihave not travelled since Joanna's visit back in October. Completely psyched and hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be nice and sunny. After booking the mini-break I realized this means I will be breaking out the bathing suit a little bit earlier than expected .... oh well! I hope the Spainish men like their women with a little bit extra haha. Apparently there are some nude beaches as well (will NOT be doing that thank you very much). So anyone who has been there who wants to recommend anything I am open to suggestions.

Happy Easter Everyone! So sad I cannot be there. Ang and I went for a walk in Notting Hill today and we ate some veggie food...a far cry from turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy but it was still yummy. You will never believe who I saw there, no not Hugh Grant but Alex! For those who have forgotten this is the boy who kicked me out of my flat for bad behaviour. I could not believe it. He was just sitting there looking like the pretty boy he is with his girlfriend. I walked by but we both had our shades on so I could not tell if he caught my glare but I kept on walking. It is weird when you see someone from the past you do not like and are not prepared. All the things I wished I had said to him escaped me and I realize now I should have thrown a drink at his smug big head. Haha I am not bitter, not at all! yeah right.

The weather here has been brilliant and I believe summer is just around the corner. I heard you guys had snow? really? crazy. I will try calling tonight to say hello but if I do not talked to you have a great long weekend and keep me updated on all the gossip!

Love Lyndsay